Seven (7) QC Tools
Course Overview
Training Objectives:
To provide participants with the knowledge & skills for them to capture, compile, analyze & interpret the data collected through various sources, for the improvement of quality within their workspace or processes. This course is workshop intensive course, but also include lectures and samples of best practices implemented in industry with 7 QC tools. 

Target Participants:  
Lower, middle & senior management personnel from all types of organizations (e.g. small or big, manufacturing and/or service sector etc.) Quality Managers/Executives and/or coordinators Operations managers/executives/line supervisors Consultants of quality and/or quality management system. 

Course Contents:

√ Course introduction 
√  purpose, objectives & definitions 
√ Check sheet Control charts 
√ Histogram 
√ Pareto chart 
√ Cause &effect diagram 
√  Scatter diagram 
√ Stratification 
√  Brain storming 
√  Why-why analysis 

Training Duration: 2 Days

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