Factory Physics for Managers
Course Overview

Program Overview:

The Factory Physics training program provides practical concepts and science of manufacturing and supply chain that anyone can use to improve performance. The concepts are based on operations science clearly describing the relationships between capacity, inventory, response time, variability, and demand.

Benefits from a seminar on the practical science of Factory Physics® principles: 

 Improve on time delivery and cash flow, optimize inventory and lower costs. 

 Resolve conflicts and fill in the gaps between Lean manufacturing, Six Sigma, Theory of Constraints and other frameworks. Focus YOUR company's productivity initiatives to achieve your company's business goals. 

 Factory Physics principles and tools work using practical science, not slogans, so you can make more money faster. 

 Understand and resolve conflicting objectives, e.g. less inventory vs. higher customer service or higher utilization vs. shorter cycle times. 

 Demonstrate examples of the application of Factory Physics® principles in practice. 

 Use your own data to do a first-pass examination of your own processes. 

Program Content: 

 Financial Measures 

 Basic Factory Dynamics 

 Variability Basics 

 Corrupting Influence of Variability 

 Calculating Capacity and Utilization 

 Understanding Cycle Time

 Optimizing and Managing Inventory 

 Factory Physics Sales and Operations Planning 

 Hands-on exercises and computer simulation illustrations 

Who Should Attend:

 Manufacturing and Supply Chain Operations Executives 

 Planning and Production Control Managers 

 Anyone trying to improve performance of their company's operation

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