Process Analysis using Value Stream Mapping
Course Overview

Course Objective/s:

The focus of this course is to provide delegates with the practical skills to use value stream mapping for analyzing processes, in a service or manufacturing organization, as part of Lean Six Sigma set of tools.

Course Content:

Upon completion of the Value Stream Mapping course, the participant has learned:

  • The Lean definition of value
  • The Lean definition of waste
  • The symbols of a Value Stream Map
  • Mapping the material and information flow
  • Value stream calculations
  • Identifying waste
  • Leveling resources
  • Creating the Future State

Who should take this course?

Anyone from the organization that are interested and/or tasked to document, track and change the flow of information, supplies and resources within functional and departmental boundaries.  These include, but not limited to, Lean Six Sigma Practitioners/Managers/Leaders, Process Analysts, Process Engineers.

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