Recently Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt - Raf Renz Flores

Raf Renz Flores has been awarded his Lean Sigma Green Certification after completing the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training course, passing the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Assessment / Examination, and, completing his Lean Six Sigma Green Belt project.  Raf's was not only assessed on his ability to demonstrate the Lean Six Sigma discipline in his project but also the business value that he was able to generate for the company. His project was geared towards the optimization of sales performance of franchised accounts.  Raf's team piloted the identified solutions to 35 shops for two months and the said pilot yielded 57% increase in gross average daily sales.  The pilot has also yielded an improvement in sigma level from 1.69 to 3.07 sigma.  The financial benefit of Raf's project that has been validated by the company's finance team amounts to an annualized revenue equivalent to Php 10.5M.

At Six Sigma BELT Guru, the certification of a Lean Six Sigma belt candidate is not just being concurred to by our consultants or management team.  To validate both LSS skills of the candidate and business impact of the candidate's project, we invite subject matter experts, business leader from the candidate's company, and, LSS consultant from Six Sigma Belt Guru.  This process ensures that the candidate has undergone a rigorous assessment, as such the his/her LSS certification holds ground in the industry.   

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