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What sets our Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Training apart from our competitors?
By  Francis Fermin Flores|Jul 25, 2018|

Lssbb competitive edge

Six Sigma BELT Guru, Inc. started its service back in August 2014 to provide training on Six Sigma in the Philippines.  Our company now offers wide range of consulting and training services on Quality, Process Improvement, Innovation and Leadership for any type of industry. In this article, we will be focusing on one of our core offerings, the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Training and Certification Course, a 14-Day Training and Certification Course with Design thinking Application.  

While there are several training vendors out there, we like to highlight our key value propositions as a training (and consulting) company, and how we have designed the said course to maximize the participants’ and organizations’ benefits.


1.)    Experience and Expertise.  Our senior facilitators, including Engr. Alvin Villegas and Engr. Arnold Abaya, who typically do the facilitation for our Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training have more than 20+ years individual experiences in implementing and leading not just Lean Six Sigma individual projects, but also Lean Six Sigma program / governance in organizations.   I believe that this should be your top of your criteria. Implementing Lean Six Sigma projects are not just application of technical concepts and methodologies, but also require leadership experience.  These will all come out and shared during lectures, exercises and Q&A all throughout the course. Ultimately, your organization's objective is for your employees to implement projects and/or manage the program governance itself, to yield significant and sustainable benefits to your organization.  Our facilitators' experience can help guide participants identify their projects during and after the training, and provide guidance on possible organizational challenges that they may experience currently and in the future.  (please see About Us page on our website for the partial list of our senior consultants)


2.) Training Content.  Our training content is aligned to the International Association of Six Sigma Certification, which means that this is at par to the international standards of Lean Six Sigma body of knowledge.  Thus, our training content is comprehensive, with no short cuts, and can be applied to an even more complex organizations / processes.  Our training content even comes with a module on Design Thinking, which is one of the most popular and effective methodologies today for innovation.  We inserted this as an alternative approach for coming up with innovative solutions in the Improve Phase of the Lean Six Sigma framework.


3.) Free Value-added tools.  Our mission in our training programs is to fully enable participants to further learn, and most importantly apply their learning into actual projects, which can generate operational and business results.  Thus, our training program for Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, do not just come with the facilitators and the actual classroom training. They also come with value-added tools to help participants sharpen their learning and implement projects.  These include:


3.1 Comprehensive Training Book.  We consider our training manual as a book, which participants can always go back to, for review anytime before or after their Lean Six Sigma practice.  There is no need to buy supplemental books or references.  The material comes with useful and comprehensive texts along with the slides.  They also come with slides and instructions on using popular statistical software, which is not common among training providers.


3.2 Online Mock Exam and Online Certification Exam.  One of the important objectives for participants is for them to earn their certification.  To do this, they need to complete a certification exam, complete a project, and defend this to a panel of reviewers (which a Master Black Belt will participate).  Our On-line exam comes with an access to a mock exam which participants can do their self-assessment for unlimited attempts, allowing them to do their review more effectively.  The actual On-line Certification Exam is allowed to be taken twice, to gain at least 70 passing score.


3.3 Statistical Software Tool.  This is a free access to a statistical tool, which is a must for a Lean Six Sigma practitioner.  The common statistical tools in the market are pricey, which is an additional investment for the participant and/or the organization.  These are very powerful tools, but only a portion of them are used for Six Sigma-related analysis.  The rest of its features are useful for other purposes (research, forecast, etc.), which are not utilized by Six Sigma practitioners.  Thus, we developed our own tool, which has features essential for any Six Sigma statistical analysis projects, and this is provided for FREE for all Lean Six Sigma Black Belt participants.


3.4 Six Sigma Black Belt Memory Jogger.  The Lean Six Sigma methodology involves possible application of various analytical and statistical tools.  Some of them are seldom used; thus, tend to be forgotten in critical scenarios. The FREE Six Sigma Black Belt Memory Jogger is a handy, small book in which a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt practitioner can use for quick reference.  This potentially increases the practitioner's productivity in finding the right tools for his Lean Six Sigma work.


3.5 Eight (8) hours of project consulting / coaching.  One of the main challenges of Lean Six Sigma training graduates is to complete an actual Lean Six Sigma project.  This is an opportunity loss for the participants, if not completed, as they are not able to gain their certification, and more importantly do not get to generate savings (ideally worth 1.5PhP or more, annualized savings) beneficial for their organizations.  Thus, our training program includes a free consulting, mentoring or coaching hours for the graduates.  This consulting further guides participants in going through each of the phases of the Lean Six Sigma framework, from the project Define, Measure, Analyze, Implement, and Control phases.

Now that you’ve known our strong points, the question is, are you ready to take action? Make sure to visit our website for the details of our upcoming Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Training on August 31 at St. Giles Hotel, Makati City. Please click here, to know more and register. We hope to see you there and on our other training offerings!


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