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Levels of Six Sigma Certification
By  Rue Magno|Dec 12, 2017|

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You've had your first intro course about Six Sigma and you now know where you can apply for a certification. But the question that remains now is, how would I get my Six Sigma certification?

Learning Six Sigma methodologies for your work can help impact your career in the future. The presence of a Six Sigma Certification in your resume implies that you have a strong sense of analytical and problem-solving skills and how you're working well with small to large-scale teams.

Six Sigma Certification is classified into the following sequential belt levels: Yellow Belt, Green Belt, and Black Belt. Here, we will discuss what differs level to level and how you can attain certification thru Six Sigma Belt Guru, the top Six Sigma consultancy, training, and certification provider in the country.

Yellow Belt

Enrolling in this program is initially the first step to learning Lean Six Sigma methodologies. You can get a Yellow Belt certification once you've completed a Classroom Training or an online course with us and if you'll have a passing rate in the LSS Yellow Belt examination.

Green Belt

Once you've familiarized yourself with Six Sigma and you're ready to take your skills to a new level, you can now enroll yourself in a Green Belt program. You have the option to learn through a Classroom Training or an online course for this program. In order to obtain your certificate, aside from passing the LSS Green Belt exam, you will also need to complete an LSS Green Belt project with a minimum annualized savings of PHP 600,000 - PHP 700,000 and defend your project during a panel review.

Black Belt

The highest certification that we can offer you in Six Sigma Belt Guru is the Black Belt certification. Just like the previous levels, you can obtain this certification by completing an online or Classroom Training Black Belt course as well as passing the LSS Black Belt exam. You'll also need to complete an LSS Black Belt project and defend your project to a panel review. However, the minimum annualized savings for the project must be PHP 1,500,000 to PHP 1,600,000 signed off by the stakeholders of the project.

If you're interested to get your Six Sigma Certification with the best in the country, don't hesitate to contact us at (+632) 519-5610 or for more information.


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