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By  Arnold Cesar A. Abaya|Oct 16, 2017|

Six sigma 2

Learning and utilizing Six Sigma methodologies can help you navigate problems in your work. If you haven't come across our previous post , you'll know the reason why it's an advantage to learn Six Sigma for the workplace.

However, knowing Six Sigma is one thing but attaining a Six Sigma Certification can help you as you progress in your career and establish yourself as an innovative thinker and solutions finder in your team. Luckily, Six Sigma Belt Guru offers various ways how you can be a certified Six Sigma Practitioner. Here are the ways you can obtain Six Sigma Certification in the Philippines :

Online Courses

Time is moving fast than ever before and adapting to the fast-paced world has been one of the core goals of businesses and other industries. Coping with the trend and understanding the convenience of online learning is a priority hence the reason why an online program is included in Six Sigma Belt Guru's offerings. This is a self-paced online program and you can choose your area of focus to work on. To know more about the online courses available, click here.

Classroom Trainings

Conventional learning practices are still the top choice of professionals. Scheduled classroom trainings are available. You can choose your own area of focus in be it in management or handling operational processes. Browse schedule here.

Group Training
For businesses who want to teach their team the Six Sigma methodology, a group training will best fit your need. In this particular type of program, the team will be able to learn side by side with each other helping the whole company to move forward. For more information, send an inquiry here.

After attending a training or a program or 2, you're ready to get your certification. We will discuss next time about the different levels of Six Sigma Certification and how you'll be able to obtain them.

If you are interested to get a Six Sigma certification from the top consultancy and training provider in the country, contact us at (+632) 519-5610 or inquiries@sixsigmabelt.guru for more information.

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