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By  Arnold Cesar A. Abaya|Oct 03, 2017|

Six sigma

Optimization has been the latest buzzword for small and large-scale businesses in the past years. Articles and listicles on work and operational efficiency populate most online business blogs and publications. Open LinkedIn and you're bound to see an anecdote or short story on how leaders made their team and business efficient en route to success. This trend of taking the efficient and productive route to fruitful results has taken various industries by storm -- and that's amazing if done well.

One way to attain this sustained, operational efficiency is to implement a data-driven approach for eliminating defects in any process such as the Six Sigma methodology. This disciplined approach focuses on consistent quality improvements in business processes until those are fully optimized and sustaining it in the long run.

The approach heavily relies on on-hand facts and figures. Six Sigma promotes the use of statistical tools and techniques for improving quality and reducing defects. With this straightforward and calculated method, it yields a certain result that will affect the quality and efficiency of any business process for the better.

The intrinsic ability of the Six Sigma approach in producing a certain level of quality for any business operation is what makes it the most viable method to achieve business optimization.

The good news is, anyone from Metro Manila to Cebu and Davao can learn this approach as resources and seminars regarding Six Sigma is in the Philippines as well! Six Sigma Belt Guru, the top consultancy and training providers in the country, is offering Six Sigma certifications and physical and online classes on Six Sigma. Contact us at (+632) 519-5610 or for more information.


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