What sets our Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Training apart from our competitors?
By  Francis Fermin Flores|Jul 25, 2018|

While there are several training vendors out there, we like to highlight our key value propositions as a training (and consulting) company, and how we have designed the said course to maximize the participants’ and organizations’ benefits.
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Big Data and Lean Six Sigma
By  Arnold Cesar A. Abaya|May 07, 2018|

What is Big Data? Will Big Data replace Six Sigma? Big data is not a fad and Big Data will revolutionalize how organizations perform business decissions but will this mean an end to Six Sigma?
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Six Sigma Conversations: Paul Orville Tronco
By  Rue Magno|Jan 25, 2018|

"I have initiated a number of small changes to our department's processes." - Paul
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Six Sigma Conversations: Suzette Gueco
By  Rue Magno|Jan 23, 2018|

"It’s an accepted methodology for improvement." - Suzette on Six Sigma
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The Persona in a CI Project
By  Alvin Villegas|Jan 17, 2018|

I was standing in front of an operator, observing the process improvement implementation that we did for a production module (TV Line), the project was for a huge Japanese Consumer Electronics company based in Jakarta, Indonesia. While observing the production process, the operator in front of me started to murmur words in Indonesian Bahasa. Apparently, he was complaining about the new production line configuration / set-up that we’ve implemented, and he was not the only one that’s making...
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Levels of Six Sigma Certification
By  Rue Magno|Dec 12, 2017|

You've had your first intro course about Six Sigma and you now know where you can apply for a certification. But the question that remains now is, how would I get my Six Sigma Certification?
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By  Arnold Cesar A. Abaya|Oct 16, 2017|

Learning and utilizing Six Sigma methodologies can help you navigate problems in your work. If you haven't come across our previous post , you'll know the reason why it's an advantage to learn Six Sigma for the workplace.
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By  Arnold Cesar A. Abaya|Oct 03, 2017|

Optimization has been the latest buzzword for small and large-scale businesses in the past years. Articles and listicles on work and operational efficiency populate most online business blogs and publications. Open LinkedIn and you're bound to see an anecdote or short story on how leaders made their team and business efficient en route to success. This trend of taking the efficient and productive route to fruitful results has taken various industries by storm -- and that's amazing if done well.
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The Crossroads - Lean Six Sigma and Design Thinking Part II
By  Arnold Cesar A. Abaya|Sep 01, 2017|

As mentioned in our previous post, Design Thinking and Six Sigma can be used simultaneously for operational efficiency and success of any company. In this article, we will outline a possible application of both approaches to give you an idea on how you can use them for your project.
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The Crossroads - Lean Six Sigma and Design Thinking
By  Alvin Villegas|Jun 20, 2017|

I’d been fascinated by how business process improvement and operational excellence methodologies have evolved over the years. In the scholarly / academic space the discourse about this evolution is called Management Fashion / Fad which started as early as the industrial revolution of the 19th century. It evolved because of the changing industrial landscape, and, transitioned from the manufacturing sector to the services sector. Take the case of Total Quality Management (TQM) which started...
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Boost Your Productivity at Work
By  Arnold Cesar A. Abaya|Jun 14, 2017|

At the end of a work day, do you feel you've done the things you need to do or do you feel you could have done more? Do you feel the tasks you're doing are even important at all? Does it feel like you have wasted another day at work? Let me share two simple "productivity hacks" that can guides us in our day-to-day work and leave us a feeling of satisfaction at the end of each day.
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Einstein on Problem Solving
By  Arnold Cesar Abaya|Mar 27, 2017|

Firefighting is always a quick and dirty way of placing solutions on problems. Most often problems recur. In the end results to higher operational costs and more and more time is lost on fighting fires depriving organization's resources that should be instead used in strategic actions. Albert Einstein, one of the greatest scientist had dealt with complex and difficult problems. Here are a few of his quotes to help teams to effectively solve problems.
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My X’s and the Y : Y=f(xi)
By  Arnold Cesar Abaya|Mar 23, 2017|

Six Sigma projects to an inexperienced belter can be daunting. An excellent way of overcoming this is to always keep the concept of Y=(Xi) in mind when applying the specific tools along the DMAIC phases.
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Significant X's
By  Alvin Villegas|Jan 03, 2017|

The old adage goes: "A problem that is well stated is a problem half-solved" (Charles Kettering). The other half? It is hinged on the ability of problem solving teams or continuous improvement advocates to determine what are the factors influencing a well-defined problem statement. The filtering process of these factors is very challenging, a miss in the determination process could spell the outcome of the problem solution (s).
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7 Reasons Why Your Brainstorming Session Will Fail
By  Jodl Gayatin|Nov 07, 2016|

While conducting a brainstorming session might appear to be a simple activity, it requires proper planning and execution by the facilitator (i.e. you as the Six Sigma practitioner). Get the most out of a brainstorming session by avoiding these 7 common pitfalls.
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Implementing a Successful Continuous Improvement Program
By  Arnold Cesar Abaya|Nov 04, 2016|

Continuous Improvement Programs such as Six Sigma, TPM, TQM and so on were adopted by many manufacturing companies in the 90's to be more competitive and to elevate their factories to "world-class" status. Despite having Continuous Improvement Programs open to all industries, yet still majority have failed. There are 5 key factors that can help make your CIP's a successful
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Pursuit of Continuous Improvement in Healthcare
By  Alvin Villegas|Mar 12, 2016|

It is never too late for the healthcare industry in the Philippines to pursue continuous improvement through Lean Six Sigma. It is also not saying that Lean Six Sigma is the only approach that will help achieve excellence in patient care, but with its appropriate execution combined with other hospital and business management solutions, the elusive vision of providing an affordable, efficient and quality healthcare in the Philippines could be a reality.
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