Our Mission, Vision and Philosophy


We provide individuals and organizations, across all industries, the knowledge, skills and processes needed, for them to manage and improve product / service quality and efficiency.

We place high standards in our skills and experience and continuously innovate the types of services we provide, and how we provide them. 

We measure our success in our customers' success. We strive not just for their learning, but more-so in their actual implementation, application and business impact.


To be the partner of choice for Operational Excellence training and consulting in the Philippines.


Six Sigma BELT (Business Excellence and Leadership Training) Guru empowers organizations' People through educational training, and facilitating the optimization of organizational measures, structure, culture, and processes to continuously meet quality, efficiency and customer satisfaction. We carefully assess your needs to provide the support that is right and flexible for you, ending with a clear roadmap in meeting your People and Operational Excellence objectives.

What We Do

We carefully assess and offer our consultancy services for you based on your organization's needs. Whether it's just a need for a specific project or an end-to-end implementation of a Lean Six Sigma, Continuous Improvement, or a Quality Program, we have experts to help you.

Our in-house training will be done in suitable environment conducive for learning and active participation within the company premises during the time where majority of the employees will be available.

Our public trainings' schedule are designed to accommodate professionals who do not have the time during regular working hours (night classes) and individuals seeking to advance their knowledge and skills (day classes).

Our on-line training makes use of all the amenities that the digital world can offer. Participants may take courses based on their own availability. Moreover, e-learning students can seek coaching/mentoring through two way messaging, email, call or even video conferencing. Our e-learning courses are aligned to the body of knowledge (BOK) of the American Society for Quality (ASQ) and the International Association for Six Sigma Certification (IASSC).

Who we are

Six Sigma Belt Guru is a consultancy and training organization where our consultants have more than 20 years of professional working experience in different industries from Manufacturing, Services, IT and Outsourcing environments. Armed with our extensive knowledge and experience in Quality, Productivity and Innovation, we place an emphasis on effective, innovative training and consultancy solutions empowering our clients for global success. We take the time to listen to our clients and understand their challenges, and then provide exactly what they need and when they need it, because that is who we are.

Core Values

We provide advice on what should be done, and provide support to clients with high level of responsibility and accountability.

StrategyCustomer Focus

Excellent customer experience is our priority. We designed our offerings to help YOU grow professionally and as a value partner of your organization.


We provide the best services that are recognized locally and internationally, measurable against operational and business outcomes.


We continuously reinvent ourselves and our services through research, learning and out-of-the box ideas, to consistently serve you better.


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